Enjoying Photography


The most important thing in photography is to enjoy it. There's nothing like experimenting with your camera in the manual mode and just letting loose. The feeling of picking the right f-stop, getting the right composition and making a photograph of how you see it is great. If you love photography and really enjoy it just get out and take pictures! Yes, it is great having the newest cameras and the newest equipment. However, If you don't  have the newest DSLR and gear, just use what you have to take pictures. If nothing else is available use your phone. To enjoy photography you have to make it fun. Don't get bogged down with the technical aspects (i.e. composition, depth of field etc.) The more fun you make it the more enjoyable it will become. For instance, when you are doing portrait photography try something creative and exciting, as I did in the above photos. Sometimes, the photograph that you take for fun can be amazing and invoke emotions. When you love photography you always want to take pictures. It is  addicting!

Get out there and have some fun!

Photographer: Justus Henry